If you’re hitting a brick wall with Realtors, then this is for YOU…


Dear Loan Officer...imagine if, like Ramzi above, you could count five, ten or even 20 Realtors among your most steadfast clients.

Just picture the new opportunities an injection of profitable business on this scale will open up for you...

Imagine striding into that high end car dealers, going up to the top of the range model and plumping down in that luxurious leather driver’s seat, even more comfortable than the couches in your home.

Then, as you grasp that chunky steering wheel and gaze down that enormous hood and drink in the ‘new car’ smell, the sales guy rushes up.

So imagine your amusement, as you immediately render him speechless (for once) by telling him you’ll take it - and be paying cash!

Or would you prefer to see the looks of joy on the faces of your loved ones, as you show them the web site of a luxury tropical vacation spot and then tell them to go and pack, because you’re all booked on a three week vacation of a lifetime!

Or maybe you’ll be able to afford to do both. Because your days of making difficult spending choices will be a distant memory – once you know the secrets to making realtors your most valuable clients ...


But I can quickly turn you into one!

Crack the Realtor Marketing Code 


My 30 Day Guarantee

I want you take my program, read it, listen to it, do the exercises, complete the worksheets and use the marketing materials. Then, if anytime in the next 30 days you don’t honestly believe that your modest investment in this one-of-a-kind program hasn't been worthwhile…and that the program hasn’t helped you create a marketing strategy that is a hundred times better than what you would have done on your own...just tell me and I’ll refund your purchase. 

What could be more fair? Although, I can’t guarantee the type of results you’ll achieve with this program since I don’t know anything about you, or your business, and I have no idea how well you’ll utilize the material that I teach, what I can tell you is this: Agent Magnet will help you create more effective and powerful marketing. Just like it will help you steer clear of the most critical mistakes that cause many loan officers to flat out bomb.

It’s simple. You’ll be delighted, or your money back. 


I can make such a strong guarantee because I’m positive the Agent Magnet will work for you. I believe in my service and I want you to give it a try!

You owe it to yourself to at least try it because it’s completely risk-free.

Exclusive $1497 One-Time Offer

Regularly $2490.00

One-Time Payment  |  Lifetime Access  |  30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Discover How To Quickly Go From Zero To HERO… Effortlessly Converting Reluctant Realtor Prospects Into Your Most Ultra-Loyal Lifetime Fans

See why some simple changes to your marketing will pay off BIG TIME

Ramzi F.
10+ Years Experience
Agent Magnet opened my eyes! I went from working with 5 Realtors to 20!! Before I had no confidence, but Agent Magnet provided the tools and strategies. I doubled my loan production from these Realtors!

Because we both know Realtors are the goldmines you need as your clients if you're to hit the big time

Realtors are very much ‘Centers of Influence’ in your business – they are the rainmakers, who can put boatloads of business your way.

And, if they choose to do that, you’re set up for life.

Which makes it all the more frustrating when you constantly hear the same old objections...

- “We have our own in-house lenders.”

- “I’m happy with my present set up.”

- “I don’t want to change anything.”

And, if you find it impossible to answer these objections, let alone convince them to anoint YOU as their ‘Preferred Lender’...

It's not your fault

You see, you’re great at what you do. In fact, I bet you know more about loans and mortgages AND can offer better deals than the folks currently servicing these realtors. But it’s not enough …

… because - while you’re an expert in the field of loans and mortgages - you can’t expect to be an expert in marketing as well.

Howdy … my name is Jeffrey Nelson and I have to confess I’ve never arranged a loan in my life – despite meeting 25,000 realtors in my career.

You see, I’m a marketing specialist, who trains people how to sell. So I met all these realtors when selling them my sales training course that helped their staff sell more real estate.

And, while doing that, I met a lot of good folks, like you - mortgage brokers and loan officers. And I discovered they faced a massive problem trying to convince those realtors to become their clients.

So, I offered to show some of them a few simple marketing techniques to land them some realtor clients.

And they were amazed at the almost overnight transformation in their fortunes!

So it wasn’t very long before I started to get calls from other mortgage brokers, asking if I could show them how to sell their expertise to Realtors, too.

So I decided to do the job properly and designed a completely dedicated program for loan officers and mortgage brokers, giving them all the tools and training they needed to...

And, in the years since then, I’ve enjoyed stunning success helping over 5,000 good folks in the mortgage profession make Realtors their most valuable and profitable clients.

And here’s just a tiny sample of what some of them say...

Dan F.
10+ Years Experience
I added 10 extra closings monthly from using Agent Magnet to refocus my efforts! I’ve had to hire additional production staff because of the 35 Realtor relationships I’ve brought to my branch!
Melissa H.
6+ Years Experience
Previous to Agent Magnet, I was working with 2 Realtors, now I am working with 4! In just a short while (3 months), I have increased my connections by 50% and I estimate that my loan volume will increase by at least 20% over the next 2 months!
Larry R.
First Year Loan Officer
From just 5 meetings I’ve developed 2 relationships producing deals monthly! Agent Magnet has helped me get introduced to Realtors without wearing a suit and carrying a rate sheet!
Nathan R.
10+ Years Experience
I’ve partnered with 3 Realtors because of Agent Magnet!! It's been worth the value because it helped me overcome the barrier of how to work with real estate agents and reach top performing Realtors.

Would you like to be able to report those sorts of successes, too?

Well now you can.

Because, right now, I have a few slots left in my Agent Magnet membership, so you take full advantage of the powerful material I’ve developed to virtually guarantee your success, regardless of the local area in which you operate …

My program is based around the challenges you face with marketing to Realtors so you can learn how to stop chasing them, and instead, become some in great demand. 

1. How to Meet Realtors without Cold Calling: Nobody likes hearing, "I'm happy with my lender!", and cold calling wastes your time and is demoralizing because of the huge amount of rejection. You'll learn the right method for connecting with Realtors who want to meet you so you never get rejected again.

2. Get Twice As Much Done In Half the Time: Telling yourself that you don't have enough time for marketing to Realtors is self sabotage and holds you hostage from achieving financial freedom. When you follow the right steps for marketing you become super efficient and get twice as much done in half the time.

3. Develop Your Brand: Realtors do business with loan officers (not their company), so your company's marketing isn't good enough because it promotes their brand and not you. You'll discover how simple it is to bring together your marketing so you build a reputation for yourself (without jeopardizing your position with your company).

4. Become the Preferred Lender: Many loan officers fail because they believe if a Real Estate Broker has a marketing agreement or in-house lender that there is no opportunity and it couldn't be further from the truth. This becomes your advantage as you quickly learn how to trump the opposition.

5. Turning Realtors into Ambassadors: You're struggling because you're doing all the work. When you understand how to partner with Realtors and make them your advocate they won’t just become your loyal clients and friends - they’ll ALSO become your salesforce, because they won’t be able to resist telling other top producers about you – so you double your relationships without any extra effort..

So here’s a sneak peek at the goodies awaiting you inside the Agent Magnet member's area...

These battle-tested programs will transform your marketing into a powerhouse, giving you greater clarity, making you more productive and giving you that wonderful feeling that – at last – YOU are in total control of your destiny...

This program called, The 5 Day Challenge, helps you transform LinkedIn into an automated lead machine so you learn how to quickly connect with Realtors and never get rejected. It's the shortcut for getting relationships started while other loan officers are still spinning their wheels.

Imagine having more pipeline so full that you have more business than you can handle. This program, Blue Tribes, teaches you how to grow the most valuable assets in your business so your pipeline never runs dry and you become recognized as the go-to guy or gal for home financing in your local community.

Mastery is the flagship course inside Agent Magnet because you learn why using your company's marketing is a mistake and how to implement your own strategy (without jeopardizing your position) so you grow your brand and get Realtors chasing you.

When loan officers complain they don't have enough time for marketing to Realtors it's because they misplaced their most valuable resources from not having a crystalized plan that guides them. The One Page Action Plan teaches you a simple process for fitting your entire marketing strategy to a single piece of paper so you have super clarity and concentrated only on the things that propel your business to the next stratosphere without working overtime or feeling stressed.

May I read your mind, please?

I’ll bet my bottom dollar that – because you now understand the full blasting power of my ‘Agent Magnet’ program and how highly effective, yet easy to use, it is - the burning question on your mind, right now, is the size of your investment to allow you to gain access to these powerful secrets.

But, before I tell you that – I want to clarify this...

I take ALL the risk. Which means you don’t actually need to decide, right now, if this is for you.

Instead, you can take the whole program for a full 30 day test drive.

Marvel at how simple – and yet utterly effective it all is … watch the lessons I’ve crafted and honed to make it a complete snap for you.

Then if - after trying the program for a full 30 days - you decide it's not the right fit, then simply hit me with an email for a fast, no questions asked, full refund of every penny – which I’ll gladly give before eating my hat!

What could be fairer than that?

After all, this program is digital, so you don’t have to send anything back.

Fair enough?

Now, what is the size of your investment in your new, improved marketing?

If you were to become one of my personal clients and visit me to learn all this in a one-on-one session with me, it would, naturally, cost you a king’s ransom.

And on top of that, there would be your travel and hotel expenses. In total, I doubt if you’d get much left out of $5,000.

And it’s not the ideal solution, either. Because you’d be scribbling notes all the time. And then, when you got home, you might have difficulty deciphering them and there could be key aspects you might forget completely.

So, the ideal solution is the one I have for you here. Because you can work at your own pace, right in the comfort of your own home – a cup of Joe by your side.

And you can always review certain sections that particularly interest you, as often as you want.

What’s more, you’ll save an arm and a leg, because your investment right now won’t be $5000

This is one of your Crossroad Days

Most days are routine. But, once in a while, comes a day – a Crossroad Day – that can change the direction of your life forever.

For example, the day you decide what college you’ll attend...the day when you pick your career and the day you choose your life partner.

And then there is today.

So, what will you do?

Will you carry on just as before, struggling to get the attention from these realtors, whilst getting more and more frustrated because you can’t give your loved ones and yourself the sort of financially free life you crave.


Will you make the shrewd choice, and take full advantage of my risk-free offer and take the test drive I’m confidently offering you – and then, be absolutely thrilled to discover it really does do everything I claim?

So just picture how your life will be transformed, when you make the right choice today.

Imagine how it will feel presenting your horse-mad young daughter with her very own pony or handing your, too young to drive on the road, son the keys to his very own dune buggy?

Because that’s the sort of experiences you’ll enjoy when you have the keys to your new kingdom.

Sounds like your choice is a complete no-brainer, doesn’t it?

So I’m really looking forward to welcoming you aboard, so you can join Ramzi, Dan, Larry, Melissa, Nelson, Steve and Nathan and my many other happy clients, who no longer have to cold call or suffer Realtor rejection.

But you have to act now because this is a one-time offer that includes lifetime access and if you leave this page I cannot guarantee the offer will still be the same when you return!

As more members join the price will go up so my strategies don't get over saturated.

Be Bold. Make It Happen.

P.S. Remember you’re fully protected by my 30 day ‘It works like gangbusters or your money back’ guarantee. So the only thing you risk losing is all that new Realtor business.

P.P.S. And, remember - because you’re jumping on board now - you’ll get lifetime access before pricing increases as more loan officers join Agent Magnet.

See why some simple changes to your marketing will pay off BIG TIME

Ramzi F.
10+ Years Experience
Agent Magnet opened my eyes! I went from working with 5 Realtors to 20!! Before I had no confidence, but Agent Magnet provided the tools and strategies. I doubled my loan production from these Realtors!
Yes! I want to save $100

Each program includes concise lessons you can complete within 20 - 30 minutes and a progress bar helps you measure what has been completed so it's always easy to pick up where you left off.

At $2490 you would only need to close 1 - 2 loans to recoup your investment, wouldn't you?

What would just 1 Realtor referring deals to you every month be worth? How much income would you earn in the next 12 months?

Would it be enough to recover your investment and give you the extra money you crave for your lifestyle?

Imagine the value of the knowledge you'll gain and how it will benefit your career for years to come. 

For example, if you apply what you learn from Agent Magnet over the next 3 years of your career, because nothing happens overnight, you're investment breaks down to just $2.27 per day.

But for many loan officers who ignore the importance and urgency of marketing to Realtors, many of them will end up in the unemployment line as rates go up. 

Don't become one of them because they spend their life thinking, "Wished I'da...".

...Wished I'da invested in myself when I had the chance

...Wished I'da marketed to Realtors when I should have

...Wished I'da been proactive about building my brand 

It doesn't have to be that way because I'm going to make you an irresistible offer. If you're still undecided because of $2490 then let's make it painless.

Wouldn't you agree that you don't want money to be the reason you don't achieve success?

I want to help loan officers who are serious about growing their business and want to work with Realtors so you can get into Agent Magnet for a one-time payment of only $1497 and it includes lifetime access.

Why $1497? Because I don't want to give away Agent Magnet to just any ordinary loan officer. I want members who are committed to their profession and have a strong desire to grow but may just need some guidance.

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